Feb 10, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland the movie is coming soon, in March. A very good reason for hubby and I to catch up on our movie date again. The last movie we saw together was New Moon and that was it. Avatar is yet to be watched. Perhaps, we should get a DVD copy and watch it together at home.

The thing is, I am not a good audience when it comes to watching movies at home. Most of the time, I would end up sleeping instead of watching it right till the end. Reason being, I don't normally watch it with my kids, so I usually wait till late hours and by that time my energy and stamina level to stay awake is almost zero.

So, why do i have to wait till midnight before i can watch a movie?? Well, there are less disruptions when they are asleep. It is so difficult to enjoy a good movie when they keep on asking this and that every 5 seconds and not answering their endless questions would be rude. Also, there is always the tendency for them to ask me to get them things they want, one after another, everytime I am 'relaxing'.

I like going for a movie date. With 3 juniors and no maid, finding time to spend together (alone) is hard. But, I am lucky to have my parents-in-law who are kind enough to watch over my kids. This dating habit is rather new. It was not a ritual until my youngest is 3 last year and I am convinced that they can now be left with highly-trustworthy people.

Also, hubby and I are choosy about which film to watch. He is more into sci-fi and action-packed films, while I find them boring and dull. Obviously, I am more into romantic comedy. But, we are both attracted to good films by great directors and actors. Alice in Wonderland is definitely in our list, with Tim Burton as the director and the ever-so-versatile Johnny Depp as the main character. Oh yeah! We did watch Depp's previous film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the kids.

Going to the movies with the children is definitely a different experience. Provided that u choose the movies appropriately, cinematherapy actually brings a lot of positive effects on children, as well as adults.
  • Movies encourage interaction and communication.
  • Movies can enhance learning. We can learn about cultures, historical events and stories.
  • Movies are entertaining and enjoyable. This can stimulate one's emotions and imaginations.
  • Movies creates bonding and brings families together.
For parents, do give extra attention on the movie rating system. As far as possible, avoid violent movies which can lead to bedtime fears, nightmares and negative views of the world.

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So friends, any exciting movie-watching experience to share??.........


maya amir said...

lame ni tak tgk movie..kene curik time gi tgk ni..

Anonymous said...

Sesuai tak nak bagi Michiko Noriko tengok ni? Tak pernah lagi rasanya bawak depa tgk wayang. Hahaha.

Mmg syok dating dgn hubby sekali sekala.I got that chance on new yr 2009. Wow! Lama dah tu...

Syahida said...

maya->apa tunggu lagiii...pi la layan movie sekali sekala ;-)
ira-> rasanya ok jer kalo bawak michiko noriko pi tengok...sbb zarif(sebaya michiko) pun boleh layan movie kat wayang elok jer...try test la,I'm sure they'll love it!