Aug 9, 2010

Brain Exercise

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(An excerpt from The Star, 27 June 2010)
  1. Start walking. Based on research, a regular walk for six months can improve your brain function by 15%.
  2. Do opposites. Stimulate your brain and freshen your mind by doing things with the opposite hand you normally use, i.e. if you are right-handed, try doing things with your left hands once in a while and vice versa. It will 'challenge' your brain.
  3. Play games. This help to stimulate your brain. Computer games, board games, will be exercising your mind the whole play.
  4. Get mental. Do things that challenge your thinking. Read, learn new language/skills, do something new and 'strange' to you.
  5. Travel. New images, new sites, sounds and smells will get your synapses firing. Get out of your regular routine!

These tips are for all ages, you are never too young -or too old- to begin with the brain exercise. For more useful tips, look here.


Azma said...

Good article..thanx for sharing

Syahida said...

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