Oct 1, 2010

Positive thoughts, words and action

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Mothers, especially, have to be mindful of what they think and say
- Maizura Abas

A good piece of writing by Maizura Abas, read here.

A mother's thought and wishes can become a reality (if Allah permits it). However, being human, you easily forget and do mistakes.

Our trials and tribulations are actually trivial when we look around, as quoted by the author in her article. Yes, I agree.

So, a mother or not, lets think, say and do EVERYTHING positively.

Have a great weekend!


ja amran said...

syida, i think you struggle to stay SANE... kan?
aku pun sama la tu, kadang2 memang hilang akal esp when u are tired and lack of good sleep.aduhaiii

Syahida said...

yup..thanx mekJa...tu tanda2 kalut tu..*cover line*

YatieJay said...

Syurga kan kat bawah tapak kaki ibu.....