Feb 22, 2010

Let's Jenga!

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This is a Jenga. The correct way of playing it is, firstly, by setting up the tower with 3 blocks facing down. Then, u arrange another 3 blocks facing left (on top of the first layer of blocks). This is continued until there are no blocks left. When the tower is complete, the players will take turn to pull a block out and place the block at the top of the tower. This step continues until a player makes the Jenga Tower falls.

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We have a set of Jenga blocks at home. But, we play it our way.  hehe

Since Abil likes alphabets and letters so much, he would arrange it according to shapes of the alphabets, A,B,C up to Z. Normally, he would stop after about 10 letters, take a break and then continue again (to finish his 5-10minutes of 'learn thru play' session with mummy). Kak Dina and Zarif would normally build a wall or a building with those blocks.

I let them use the blocks freely. Sometimes I test Abil on his colours and number skills, simply by asking him to group the blocks or count them. We also use it to learn basic shapes like circles, squares, rectangles or oval. As for Kak Dina, she is always happy playing with her two brothers. Amazingly, they can play Jenga Blocks together without fussing about who takes the most blocks or even arguing about which colour they wish to have. They played happily and PEACEfully (perhaps it is because mummy is around, 'supervising' hehe..).

Playing with blocks is NEVER boring and is ALWAYS fun. You can play it differently everytime and it is a GREAT way to let children be creative and practise their motor skills.

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