Mar 1, 2010

Happy Sunday!

It was indeed a very HAPPY Sunday yesterday....We had a small private birthday celebration for Abil (his birthday was actually last Friday, 26th February). Nothing lavish and extravaganza, just a simple cake-cutting ceremony and a special meal prepared by our beloved TukAyah and TukMi.

I rarely organise BIG parties for my children. But this does NOT mean that I totally ignore their special day. Without fail, we celebrate the birthdays of our children every year but in a very simple, private ceremony, surrounded by the loved ones. Apart from the private party, I would normally prepare food and goodie bags for their schoolmates. So, kak Dina and Abil would normally have celebrations with their friends in school (and yes, they like it very very much). As for Zarif, his birthdays for the last 3 years were celebrated by family members and my tuition students(last year). This year, there is gonna be a wonderful mini celebration for his 'mini' friends in his kindy.
Goodie bag for Abil's special friends

60 packs ready to go! :D

So, why is it IMPORTANT to celebrate our child's birthday?? Well, it simply shows them how S.P.E.C.I.A.L they are! Celebrating birthdays is also one of the very 'little' ways to express our love and appreciation for our children. When our children feel SPECIAL and LOVED, they will become a more confident person.

I hope my special Abil would grow up to be a very confident person. I wish him all the GREATness in life and I hope to have more birthdays celebration together in future, Ameen.

Whatever with the past has gone, the BEST is always yet to come.
~Lucy Larcom


keen said...

goodie bag black n white da mcm tema mot lak :P

Syahida said...

Keen, beli sekali masa cari kotak bunga telur...sebab tu samaaaa...hehe