Apr 15, 2010

Abil loves to write!

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So, what's his NEW favourite pastime? He writes, and writes and writes....endlessly. I call it FREE writing. When he writes, i would normally sit with him and read out the words he has written. Sometimes, i took the opportunity to 'test' him by giving him the initial letter and let him fill in the blanks. As far as I can see, he knows and understands each and every single word written. If he feels that I 'talk' too much, he would simply leave and sits elsewhere. He likes writing with a RED pen. "Nak jadi cikgu ni...." said Tukmi.

Most of the words are memorised from his dictionary, flash cards, picture books or even from the television. Yes, he writes AFC (Asian Food Channel) and AXN (he recognised this when daddy watched CSI).

I know that Abil is actually an intelligent child. He also has very good and strong memory. Abil is often underestimated. The truth is, he is brilliant and he 'absorbs' information when we least expect it. He is also an excellent runner and a sprinter-in-the-making.

We love you, Abil!

Abil's FREE writing


keen said...

yay...bijak2 abil!!! pas ni ajar abil eja name mokde lak ye ;)

Anonymous said...

+ Sheeda, Abil nie memang bijak... Kena usaha banyak lagi nie.... Congratulation atas apa yang telah ko buat selama nie + Along +

YatieJay said...

Every child has their own capabilities! Yang penting kita sebagai parents bertanggungjwab utk mengasah bakat/kebolehan mereka..

Syahida said...

keen-> hah, ajar..jgn tak ajar.. :-)

along->mmg dia pandai & byk potensi, cuma aku jer yg tak reti nak dig out potensi dia tuh...sket2 boleh aa,takde kepakaran...pandai2 sendiri je.

yatie->betol3x...every child is SPECIAL in their very own way...so, parents must know how to 'use' it positively.