Oct 30, 2010

On Parenting

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Allowing the kids to do things themselves

Being a parent is NEVER easy. Today, children are more intelligent, more exposed, more adventurous and more challenging. Hence, reading helps you to 'build strategies' on the best way to tackle them and 'mould' them. It may just be a list of theories. At the end of the day, you need to use your creativity and leniency to handle your own kids or the kids around you.
Personally, all the tips given in the articles are relevant to ALL children. I believe that all children should be treated fairly.

Children with autism can sometimes be 'difficult'. As much as we should understand their neural and sensory deficiencies, we must also try our best to teach them how to BEHAVE appropriately. Just like other children, they MUST learn how to share, take turns and wait.

You need to be extra patient and more forgiving. It is hard, especially when what you are teaching are 'values' not something that u can show on pictures or books. They may take some time to understand but eventually they will.

While they are learning, you may need to go through the tantrum phase. Be stern but loving. With perseverance, I am sure you will be the proudest parent when you see them queuing peacefully, sitting patiently and sharing toys happily with their siblings and friends.

Enjoy your children!

Have a great day.


maya amir said...

yup..agree today's children not as same as zaman kite dulu kan? so, approach should be different:)

Syahida said...

betul tu maya...kadang2 sampai tak tau nak pakai approach apa..huhuu