Mar 10, 2011

Let's watch!

A video on autism. Make yourself free and put some initiative in watching it (until the end). I can promise u that it is NOT boring (trust me).

Jason (the child in the video), is an example of a 'high-functioning' autistic child. Yes, he is verbal. So for those or you who do not know much of autism, NOT all autistics are non-verbal. Some can be as verbal as the non-autistics can be. However, some may speak differently or sound a bit weird (but still understandable). Sometimes, they appear echolalic (repeating words/phrases they hear).

From the video; "up to 75% of person with autism were labelled mentally retarded..." This is however, NOT true. While some autistics (especially the low-functioning ones) may have low IQs, some are actually VERY 'smart'. Some of them are capable of doing things/knows a certain subject very well, even without being taught. High IQs, low IQs, who cares? bottom line is, they are NOT dumb. They are just DIFFERENT.

Enjoy the video!

"People with AUTISM do not lie, do not judge, do not play mind games.
Maybe we can learn something from them."
~unknown author

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